About Us


Oscar Wilde told us destiny is too wise or too cruel to send us heralds, so the most momentous revelations often come when we least expect it.

Our founders spent a lot of time enjoying weird beers at local pubs. Every time we went out we tried something different. Sometimes we liked it. Sometimes we hated it. Sometimes we couldn't pronounce the name. Sometimes we couldn't afford more than one. (That waitress really should have told us it was $9 when she recommended it, but we're not mad, we loved it.) We found the beers we enjoyed the most were being made minutes from our house. This discovery was too magnificent for us to keep secret. We decided that every local, every tourist, every passerby, vagabond, rascal and rogue needed to see what hoppy goodness was being brewed between the North Shore and Lookout Mountain.

The bottom line - we're locals with super computer suds taste buds and the beers brewing from St. Elmo to North Chatt are our favorites. We're here to show you around, teach you a bit about our favorite beers and of course to give you a taste of what Chattanooga has to offer.

The only thing that compares to the views is the brews.